How to make the best coffee with your home espresso machine

This is the first video from ‘Steve the coffee geek’ it is a session in just how to use and obtain the very best from your home java device. It features a breakdown o.
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20 Responses to How to make the best coffee with your home espresso machine

  1. PCoderch says:

    You need only 8 bar of pressure to make an espresso. Hm, no. Given that
    espresso is nothing more than pressurized coffee, you cannot have an
    espresso with that. No matter how fine you grind the coffee and how hard
    you squeeze it, you cannot have a decent espresso at 8 bars. It is

  2. Kash Sultan says:

    buddy I got 5 minutes max to make it or I am gonna be late to work.

  3. emouch1 says:

    that is not a proper crema. that is foam from the pressurised basket. crema
    is much darker, looks like dark caramel

  4. Paul Clark says:

    Nice video, thank you. 

  5. Josh Brown says:

    A lot of information in this video isn’t needed for a lot of home machines.
    E.g. you don’t need to tamp properly with pressured baskets.

  6. Reece Gock says:

    Why would you turn the steam wand off after you remove the milk jug! Great

  7. Alan Saxon says:

    How to get the best from your home machine… Great tutorial for us novices
    who want to improve. I can’t believe some of the idiotic comments here!.
    They should keep their ears open and fingers off the keyboard!! Keep it

  8. Damian Hind says:

    Thank you

  9. DEshav2b says:

    Steve, Nice job showing a range of considerations and options for those of
    us with home machines. Like any recipe or technique, we can all have our
    preferences that may differ, but your ability and willingness to take the
    time to explain it all is very much appreciated. I have my own constant
    debates about the use of tamping, I believe that tamping on a home machine
    is as much about the benefits of leveling out the coffee and that works for
    me. I appreciate Alan Saxon’s comments about about those of us open to
    improve. Your great work on this video has me re-thinking a couple of
    things, several of which I will revisit. Thanks you!.

  10. econpro1000 says:

    This video is hilarious. You need a decent espresso maker and a good
    grinder to make good espresso and latte. I used to have the same exact
    machine and I had to return it. You need to also use a burr grinder for
    consistent grind. You cannot use blade grinder which is shown in this
    video. The whole purpose of steaming the milk is to make frothy creamy milk
    which cannot be achieved with this machine. You need to use a larger
    pitcher and fill the milk to about half way because the milk would expand.
    Do you see the milk expand in this video? NO. Just air bubbles. You can see
    from the video the milk is not creamy and thick. It looks like nothing more
    than hot milk. You’re also not supposed to use pressurized portafilters
    which come with most entry level machines. If you do, you’ll get foam and
    not crema which is what espresso is all about. This machine sucks even for
    home use. You might as well use instant coffee and microwave your milk. You
    don’t need an expensive machine but at least get a decent one.

  11. SalsburySteakable says:

    Yes, grinder sucks– but shouldn’t matter too much with a pressurized
    portafilter. You don’t have to tamp, though– certainly not 30 lbs– with a
    pressurized filter. Just level and polish.

  12. Chris Perry says:


  13. Kaaas says:

    How to make the best #coffee with your home #espressomachine-

  14. Adam Hughes says:

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for this. Very helpful, and appreciate the effort.

  15. ahmato taychoury says:

    thanks for the video Steve! I just got an espresso machine the other day as
    a gift, and this video proved to teach me many lessons! keep up the good
    work !

  16. emouch1 says:

    this machine has a pressurised portafilter. you dont need to properly
    tamper, or else you get drips not a constant stream. sorry, but for someone
    calling themselves a coffee geek, you don’t seem to know much… 

  17. Bet Mulligan says:

    Hi Steve, I was recently given a Francis Francis X1 machine that had been
    used 3 or 4 times then packed away for about a year. (Needless to say, it
    has to be descaled before it can be used.) It’s in mint condition but I’m
    wondering if there is anything else you recommend I do to it before using?

  18. Wouter van veldhuizen says:

    hi Steve,great video! I’ve recently bought an espresso machine myself and
    I’m trying to make some good coffee at home. My budget isn’t really that
    big because I’m a student so I bought a 100 euros Philips (I’m Dutch :) )
    espresso machine. At the moment I use pre-grinded coffe but I’m thinking
    about buying a manual grinder so I can use freshly grinded coffee, do you
    think this is smart or will it make no difference since I use a pretty
    cheap coffee machine? Also I noticed you use quite some grinded coffee in
    the porter filter. Is this a normal ammount for 2 cups? I read I should use
    like 8 grams of coffee and extract for like 25-30 secs to get the best
    taste, but in 25 secs my machine makes a lot of coffee, much more than one
    espresso size. And that’s when I use quite fine pre-grinded coffee so maybe
    I should use some more coffee and make double size espresso’s. 

  19. Ryan Walker says:

    and sleep

  20. spystyle says:

    Good :) Ignore any thumbs down, they aren’t patient. Not all tutorials are
    2 minutes and feature a man yelling or a lady scantily clad LOL

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